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Adoption Process

1. Availability

Check out the animals that we have that are available for adoption. For the most up to date postings check out our facebook page and our photo albums called "Cats available for adoption" and "Dogs Available for adoption" or find us on Pet Finder. Pay special attention to an animals likes and dislikes, consider all of the members of your home and what type of personality would best suite your home.  

2. Contact Us and Meet and Greet

Contact us to gain more information on an animal. Contact us through our FB messenger for the fastest response. It is highly recommended that all members of the home come meet the animal before you consider adopting them. If that is not an option we will do our best to ensure you have all the necessary information before adoption.

3. Submit an Application

Once you have decided which pet would be right for your home you can submit an Adoption Form. Applications can take between 1-2 weeks to process. 

4. Approval

You will be contacted once the application is approved, we will go through any information items we feel are specific to the animal you have chosen and we will arrange pick up or assist with travel arrangements. You may be approved to adopt from the shelter but the animal you are interested in may not be available or another home may be more appropriate for the animal. Adopters are expected to cover the cost of travel to their new home.

5. Follow up

Continually follow up with us! We love to hear from you and see photos of the animals. We may be in contact to see how the animal is doing in your home. Animals that are under 6 months that are adopted are required be fixed (spayed & neutered) after the age of 6 months. There may be follow up to ensure this is completed.  We realize that not all adoptions work out or sudden changes in home life can impact the ability and quality of keeping the animal, in these cases we are more than happy to discuss options of rehoming or returning them to the shelter. We want the best home possible for all our animals now and in the future. 

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